Launch U Program Model

Summer Training

  • Orientation
  • Intro to Networking
  • Career Exploration

Fall Meetings

  • College Match
  • Personal Statements & Supplemental Essays
  • Major & Career exploration
  • Grants and Scholarships

Spring Meetings

  • Financial Literacy 
  • Career planning
  • College Exploration & Enrollment

Meeting Topics

Top Ten List

The scholars and mentors work collaboratively on selecting ten colleges to which the scholars intend to apply. The pair discuss the scholar’s grade point average, standardized test scores, and potential majors to determine the best fit for their post-secondary education.

College Application Support

Launch U mentors help scholars complete their applications for each college on their top ten lists. The scholars and mentors work collaboratively by completing the Common Application and use the College Green Light search tool to identify the student’s “safety,” “match,” and “reach” schools. Once students begin completing their application profiles, both the mentors and scholars work toward perfecting the personal statement and any supplemental essays.

Scholarships & Grants

The scholar and mentor work collaboratively to apply to a minimum of five scholarships and grants in hopes of covering some or all of the cost of college tuition. The pair then researches scholarship opportunities to identify which scholarships are the best fit for the scholar by reviewing the deadlines and required qualifications.

Financial Literacy Plan

The scholar and mentor will create a portfolio that analyzes and implements the best financial planning approach to managing money during college. The pair will complete workshops that focus on topics such as credit, loans, credit/debit cards, and budgeting.

College Choice & Transition Support

The most critical decision for a scholar to make is deciding which university or college is the best fit. A student’s financial aid package varies by each school, thus the student needs to fully understand the school’s “Award Letter” and the package being offered (loan type, interest, repayment). Upon selection, students will create a mock schedule and research campus maps and living accommodations.

Career & Leadership Preparation

These sessions define and explain how to be a successful professional in today’s global economy. Professionals from multiple career fields participate in a career panel that informs scholars on how to prepare for their professional lives. Scholars will set professional goals to develop their future career’s skill set and how to leverage networking opportunities.

700 scholars enrolled in college since Launch U's inception

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