"My high school experience in Chicago has been one tough challenge. Every day I see people wasting time on the street trying to hustle when all you have to do is get your education. It really saddens me that a lot of my friends don't think of school as number one priority. School to me has been like a competition to see me and other top scholars be successful in life. My father and grandparents push me hard to get good grades every year."

After graduation, Jorrel will be attending Middle Tennessee State University and is supported by partial scholarships to support tuition.


"What motivates me to go to college is my dad. He left me and my family when I was very young and his absence has definitely had a toll on me. But, over the years, I've used this as my motivation. I tell myself to do better and succeed and that he won't be around to see that. That is his loss. What also motivates me to go to college is that I will be one of the first in my family to go. As the oldest, I have to be a great role model for my younger siblings. I'm interested in attending a small college, one that will become like a family someday. I like a small environment that you are able to communicate with your teachers very easily. I want to major in biomedical sciences or biology. "

After completing the Launch U program and graduating as a co-valedictorian of his high school, Cristobal is attending Northwestern University with a full ride, majoring in Biology.

(Launch U Alumna Kiya graduated as the Cris's co-valedictorian, pictured above)


"My motivations to go to college are my parents. Being able to make them proud and honored to have me as their daughter is what keeps me motivated each day when trying to finish a school assignment. Also, the fact that I will be doing something that no one in my family has accomplished is something that motivates me. They uprooted their life to give me better opportunities in order for me not to struggle with the work they did. I believe college will help me achieve my dreams since I would be receiving higher education than most people, especially those in my family, weren’t able to get. Going to college will show my parents that all the hard work that they have provided for me will not be going to waste because I will be taking advantage of all of my opportunities: starting with college. My dream job would have to be becoming a Pediatric Nurse Oncologist because I want to be able to help those in need. The fact that I have lost several people due to cancer makes me motivated to help others in the same situation or who suffers from the disease."

Cinthia is excited to be attending Harold Washington College in the fall!