Program model

Launch U's program model is catered to ensure your success as a scholar. This three part program has three sessions: Summer, Fall, and Spring. In order to be part of the program, you must be an active scholar for all three sessions. If you have any trouble making the Summer Program due to college trips, etc., please contact Lauren Escobar or Allison Foley. 

The summer session is an introduction as to what Launch U is and why scholars benefit from participating in it. During the fall, you will finally be able to meet your mentor after selecting your career interest. This is when the one-on-one meetings will begin where you and your mentor will coordinate on when to meet during the reminder of the program. Finally, during the spring, the provided sessions will be geared towards long term goals such as planning your major and career options. 

All the topics that you and your mentor are further explained in detail. If you would like to read more about what you and your mentor will be covering, please click here.