One on One Mentoring

The flagship program of Launch U, our one on one mentoring programs pair each high performing high school senior in our program with a young professional mentor of the same gender to guide them through college applications, scholarship hunting, and the college and career decisions that will set their trajectory for success.

Launch Uā€™s mentors represent 100+ colleges and 100+ firms/corporations across a wide variety of fields including finance, law, technology, healthcare, and many more.

Mentors meet with students once per month for 1.5-2 hours from September through May to ensure a student's successful completion of the college process and discuss career goals and options.  These meetings take place in flexible, public locations such as coffee shops and libraries across the downtown area.  Launch U Mentors and Students meet on dates and at times most convenient for them, setting their own schedule to ensure success.

Additional Launch U Opportunities

Launch U offers several opportunities to get involved outside of mentoring. We work with professionals from a myriad of fields to help our students explore careers and colleges as they prepare for post-secondary life.  Panel discussions and workshops are a great way to get involved with our students outside of our mentoring program.