FRequently asked questions

What is Launch U? 

Founded in 2005, Launch U is a non-profit that pairs high achieving high school senior students with professionals who guide them through the college process them and expose them to career opportunities. Our mission and vision is to help you, as students, to help you through the college process but also graduate with a network. 

Who are Launch U scholars and mentors? 

Launch U scholars are high achieving, high school seniors in the Greater Chicago area. 90% of our scholars are first generation. Launch U mentors are professionals that volunteer their time to give our scholars college guidance and expose them to careers.

The mentee/mentor relationship is what makes Launch U stand out from other college readiness and networking programs; it is a one-on-one mentoring program. We are invested to make sure Launch U scholars leave with a network of professionals for life and potentially mentor the next generation. 

What are the benefits of being part of Launch U? 

Why not be part of Launch U! Being part of Launch U will allow you to be paired up with the amazing list of  mentors. As a scholar, you will have one-on-one college guidance with your mentor in addition to any college preparation at your school. This is a great way for your college process to be individualized-- that way your mentor truly learns about you. You are entering a group of talented scholars and professionals that will begin to craft your network, essentially for life! 

What are the requirements of being a scholar? 

To become a scholar, you must be a rising senior, have a minimum of a 2.7 unweighted cumulative GPA, and be highly-motivated.

What is the application process like? 

First, you need to complete the Launch U Scholar Application, which will ask for basic information and why you want to be part of our program. There is no deadline to apply to the program, but it is a rolling basis admissions. Once your application is reviewed, you will be contacted to schedule an interview.

How does Launch U pick my mentor? 

During our Summer Program, we will be discussing Career Exploration where you will have the opporunity to explore different professional fields. Moving forward, in August, there will be mentor and scholar matching, where you will be able to meet our different mentors and state your preferences. Based on that, we will try our best to find your perfect match, a professional in the field you want to study and/or pursue a career in as well as taking into consideration who you were most comfortable with.

What if I am unable to get in contact with my mentor? 

If you are unable to contact your mentor after already attempting to do so, reach out to Launch U at

What if my school is not partnered with Launch U at the moment, can I still be part of the program? 

Yes, you can still join Launch U even if your school is not partnered with Launch U yet. But, if you would like your school to officially partner with Launch U, get in contact with your college counselor, and share this link with them to learn more about how to become a school partner. 

I am part of Launch U and told a friend about it. He/she would like to join-- is this possible? 

Yes! Your friends from other schools can apply to become a scholar as long as they are a rising senior, have a minimum of a 2.7 unweighted cumulative GPA, and be highly-motivated. 

What happens after Launch U? 

You have made a connection with your mentor, make sure to maintain it! Check in, and update him/her on your college progress. 

You are also eligible to apply to be part of our Alumni Program, which gives you access to special professional and networking events. In addition, you will have the opportunity to network with current mentors. Finally, if you would like to become a mentor for Launch U once you graduate, you can apply here

What if I have a question, problem, or suggestion? 

Please let us know, we are always striving to improve our program! If it is a general question concerning the process of becoming a scholar, call our office and any of our directors or interns can help you. If it is something more specific, you can leave a message for one of the directors who will then call you back or email us at